Imagine your home without hot water. Taking showers, doing the dishes, your laundry, and more, will all be compromised. Many don’t realize how much they rely on their water heater until it has failed. This is when you want to be able to contact a reliable company that can service your unit in a timely fashion. Paragon Mechanical can provide the water heater repair services that your home needs quickly and efficiently.

There are different degrees of broken when it comes to your water heater. If you are noticing extreme noise or temperature problems, it will likely be a simpler fix than if you are experiencing leaking, mineral buildup, etc. Fortunately, our technicians can determine the root of the problem, and likely repair your water heater during the first visit.  



There are plenty of ways your water heater can break. This can include faulty parts, sediment buildup, corrosion, or something completely different. Fortunately, our technicians are able to diagnose what is wrong and provide water heater repair during their first call. Additionally, if your system is still under warranty, we will work with you to get maximum coverage by the manufacturer and walk you through the paperwork process. Waiting to fix your water heater is not a viable option, particularly in the Chicagoland area! 


When it comes to water heater repair, or any HVAC system repair, Paragon Mechanical is the obvious choice. We take the time to train all of our technicians, and we require continuous training to stay up-to-date on all aspects of the field. Our team is able to work with a huge variety of water heater manufacturers, such as General Electric, Whirlpool, Rheem, and more. Here at Paragon Mechanical, we don’t want to see our customers unable to fix their water heater because they have a lesser-known brand, which is part of the reason why we spend so much time training. 


Finding a company that is able to provide the experience and knowledge we have, along with reasonable appointment windows, brand versatility, and 24/7 availability, is near impossible. Whether you have noticed problems with your water heater or it has completely stopped working, contact Paragon Mechanical for your water heater repair services today. We employ state of the art technology, keeping abreast of the latest trends to help us schedule our field resources with better accuracy. Call 847-321-9428 to schedule an appointment today!

  • Common Problems +

    Blank Thermostat

    When installed, some standard thermostats require a battery to keep them working. If you see a blank screen on your thermostat, the first thing you should try is to simply replace the batteries. Thermostat battery failure is oftenly mistaken for a major furnace problem.

    Visit our Smart Thermostat page to learn more about cutting-edge thermostats that are internet-connected, provide remote access, and no longer require batteries to operate.

    Warm Air in Cooling Mode

    A conventional split cooling system has an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor furnace. If you notice warm air blowing from your vents, and the outdoor condensing unit is not running, please check the corresponding breaker to ensure the breaker has not been tripped. Before resetting the breaker, you should try to determine why it was tripped, correct the issue, and turn the breaker back on.

    If the problem persists or you are not comfortable rectifying the problem yourself, please contact a trained, Paragon Mechanical, representative or technician to assess and correct the problem.

    Ice Present on Unit

    Ice formation can be caused by many factors, but one of the most common causes is a lack of air flow inside of the indoor unit. Poor air flow is commonly caused by a dirty filter. Before calling a professional, you should check your filter, replace it if it is dirty, and let the system completely thaw before attempting a restart.

    If our quick solution does not work for you, please contact Paragon Mechanical to arrange a service call. The Paragon Mechanical Service Agreements are also a fantastic way to stay ahead of filter-related problems.

  • Manufacturers Serviced +

    AO Smith Water Heaters

    AO Smith Water Heater

    State Water Heaters

    State Water Heater

    Bradford White Water Heaters

    Bradford White Water Heater

    General Electric Water Heaters

    General Electric Water Heater

    Whirlpool Water Heaters

    Whirlpool Water Heater

    HTP Water Heaters

    HTP Water Heater

    Bock Water Heaters

    Bock Water Heater

    Rheem Water Heaters

    Rheem Water Heater
  • Training & Experience +

    Water Heater Problems Fixed

    Water Heater Training Hours

    Water Heater Problems Fixed
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    Water Heater Parts Available on Truck

    Water Heater Parts Available in Stock

    Water Heater Part Availability
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    River North • The Loop
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  • Customer Experiences +

    "Paragon Mechanical is the best company i've ever used. The guy who answered the phone was awesome and the technician was really great. He explained everything to me and worked quickly to solve the tankless water heater problem I was having."

    John D.
    Chicago, IL

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