At Paragon Mechanical, we offer a wide variety of boiler systems from high-pressure steam, to hot water boilers, or high-efficiency gas. Because of the advances in technology, today’s boilers are far more efficient and require specialized training to install properly. Paragon’s team of boiler installation experts will conduct an analysis of your home’s heating zones in order to design a system that is compatible with your needs. We want to help you find a boiler that offers the best in features, budget, and manufacturer support. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Boiler Installations Are NOT Created Equal.


At Paragon, customer satisfaction is not an afterthought; it is at the core of who we are. We strive to consistently deliver the best installation experience for our customers by providing the right people, with the right skills, and right on time.


At Paragon Mechanical, Inc. your best interest is our top priority. As a boiler installation company, we can provide you with a wide range of solutions for your new boiler system. We are very knowledgeable and experienced in condensing and non-condensing boilers and we will provide you with outstanding long and short-term solutions

Our mission is to provide you, the client, with a great boiler installation which you will be 100% proud of and we have no doubt you will be completely happy you trusted Paragon Mechanical with your boiler installation. To ensure we always attain that goal, we work closely with you during the initial stages of your project to determine exactly what your needs are and how we can fulfill all of them. We want to be your boiler installation experts for years to come and in order to earn that trust, we have to be diverse and capable of providing you with a multitude of solutions. With a Paragon Mechanical, you can be sure to receive great expertise, cost effective pricing, and unrivaled service.

  • Boiler Installation Checklist +

    Tankless Size

    The first thing to know in having a tankless heater installed is to determine the size tankless heater or tankless heaters you need for your home. This step is important and will generally be decided by the number and style of showers that the home owner would like to have able to run at the same time. Tankless heaters are sized in gallon per minute (GPM) rather then gallons per hour so the sizing is based on more any given moment or simultaneous shower. In certain applications it is necessary to have more than one heater installed to meet the customers needs.


    Venting is one of the most critical points on tankless heater installation. Once you know the size and how many you can determine the venting by understanding the specifications of the tankless heater or tankless heaters which you have sized the job for. Two things are a must on every properly installed tankless heater; the first is that all tankless heaters require outside air for combustion intake and second all exhaust must be properly sized according to the manufacturer specification.

    Gas Piping

    The second most common short cut taken on tankless heater installation’s is not sizing the gas pipe correctly. This is typically the most physically demanding parts of a tankless heater installation however this is also critical for the tankless heater to operate correctly on high fire situations. You will find that on all our tankless installations the project manager and field installer will both alike review and make sure that the gas piping for the tankless heater is sized correctly and that your gas meter is also sized properly.

    Return or No Return

    In larger homes it is common that have more than 30 linear feet of plumbing pipe will benefit from a return system if there is not already a return system. A return system is a system that will provide “instant” hot water for those larger homes which the water heater is fair away from the points of use. In retro-fit application’s a return system can be installed in one of the following three ways; First if there is an existing return line then we can retro fit a proprietary return system which will respond exactly the way the existing return system was if not better. The second way would be to actually install a return line if access is available to do this then we could install the return system and you will have “instant” hot water to all points of use. The third is a unique system that utilizes the cold line to create a return system. The only downfall to this system is that the cold water at certain points will be wamer when first opened. The upside is that you will have hot water instantly and without having to open walls or run a dedicated return line.

  • Top Rated Boiler Manufacturers +

    Buderus Boilers

    Buderus Boiler

    Bosch Boilers

    Bosch Boiler

    Lochinvar Boilers

    Lochinvar Boiler

    Triangle Tube Boilers

    Triangle Tube Boiler

    Utica Boilers

    Utica Boiler
  • Boiler Training & Experience +

    Boiler Installations Completed

    Boiler Training and Experience

    Repeat Boiler Customers
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  • Boiler Customer Experiences +

    "Scott and Dave came and installed my new Noritz tankless heater and were very clean and neat to the t"

    Jack M.
    Arlington Heights, IL

    "I love my new tankless heater thank you Paragon"

    Mickey H.
    Northbrook, IL

    "I originally had an eternal tankless installed by another company and when it failed for the third time I found Paragon Mechanical and Doug came and installed my new Noritz tankless heater. I am so happy with my experience thus far and look forward to many years with my new tankless heater."

    Chris Z.
    Hoffman Estates, IL

    "I have never been so happy with a contracting company; they were on-time, very clean and neat and delivered everything that was promised."

    John D.
    Itasca, IL

    "Doug did a great job installing my tankless heater and informed me of everything along the way. He is a great installer and did an awesome job."

    Mike R.
    Arlington Heights, IL

    "I had to replace my tankless heater after only 2 year because the previous company installed it wrong. Scott did a great job and though it was the same product you could see th ediffernece between the previous company and Scott’s craftsmen ship."

    Nick W.
    Northbrook, IL

    "I had a great experience dealing with Paragon and there installation team. I interviewed several companies and am suresure that choosing Paragon for installing my tankless heater was the correct choice."

    Jim P.
    Deerfield, IL

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