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Our project of the month entailed implementing a boiler solution for a Theological Seminary in Lombard. This religious institution was faced with leaking underground pipes at their central boiler plant and they were in need of a solution which would meet the demands of two separate buildings and also provide long term savings and reliability.

The experience of the Paragon Mechanical technicians and project managers is what made the biggest difference for our client. A challenge we faced on this project was that one of the buildings needed both a domestic hot water and heating solution. With some creative thinking and technical expertise, the Paragon team aimed to exceed their expectations, meet the established budget, and our goal is to always complete the project on time.
The system needed to be efficient, reliable, and be delivered in a timely manner. The boilers used on this project were 95% energy efficient cast aluminium boilers.
Our technicians successfully rerouted all the piping to the newly installed boilers and completed the project within the established timeframe. In the end, the new boiler system met all efficiency expectations and the project came in under budget.

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Our team is what sets Paragon Mechanical apart. Through careful planning and with our outstanding team, we were ready to execute at every phase along the way.

  • Design Phase: We plan and coordinate to ensure all involved parties are ready to execute.
  • Establish Timeline: Since we deal exclusively with vital heating, cooling, and hot water systems, setting a timeline that allows our clients to maintain regular daily operations is a vital aspect to achieving our desired level of client satisfaction. We create timelines with the full intention of meeting or exceeding them.
  • Permits: Once the project is through the planning phases, we obtain the required permits.
  • Execution: The Paragon team conducts all work to specification, according to the plans, and following timelines communicated to the client. The management staff remains in constant contact with the client throughout the entire process to ensure they are up-to-date on progress, any potential changes, or complications.
  • Project Review: Time is allocated on each project to provide the client with operational instruction and to conduct, in some cases, a system start-up. During this time, two technicians will be present to suggest detailed maintenance strategies, answer any questions, and provide demonstrations on the new systems.
  • Project Completion: At the conclusion of the project, a binder is created and provided to the client. The binder includes all manuals and cut sheets pertaining to the completed work.


At Paragon Mechanical, we believe it to be of the utmost importance to recognize those who have the most influence on our team's success. The support we receive from the partner companies we work with each day is second to only the effort we receive from our own dedicated technicians and employees.

We truly value the support of all our partners. To show our appreciation, we regularly take the time to highlight a recent commercial project and recognize a specific partner who played an integral role in the success of that project. The companies we highlight are always a company we are proud to recommend to our loyal customers and various partners.

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