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In this edition of Paragon Mechanical's Comfort Quarterly Newsletter we are highlighting a unique snow melt project we had the pleasure of working on. Our friends at the Green Acres Country Club in Northbrook have long been known for their outstanding paddle courts, and they're now known for their ability to offer year-round play. When Green Acres approached our engineers with their desire, it became evident that we would need to create a custom solution. Not only did Green Acres want their courts to be free of snow during the harsh Chicago winters, they also needed them to be free of any moisture at all, and this had to be accomplished without heating the courts to the point of damaging the playing surface or risking injury to their members. Suffice it to say, Paragon got the job done.

We were approached to bid this project due to our past performance and expertise in designing custom snow melt solutions. Our engineers demonstrated the ability to think outside the box and come up with unique surface heating solutions that may not have been conventionally used in typical applications.
We designed and implemented a customized boiler and PEX tubing system to ensure the paddle courts achieved the optimal level of heating. Our system needed to both melt the snow and evaporate the resulting moister in an efficient manner so that members of the Green Acres Country Club could enjoy the paddle courts 365 days a year.
The new snow melting system we designed and installed has successfully provided the following benefits to the customer:
  • Yearround Surface Availability
  • Efficient Operation
  • Cutting-Edge Interface for Easy Control
  • Ease of Maintenance

A great deal of planning goes into a commercial project of this magnitude. Below you are able to see some of the steps required for successfully executing a commercial boiler installation.

  • Engineer a custom solution
  • Prepare a project timeline
  • Share timeline with management
  • Provide project plans to our installation crew for review
  • Preparation and staging of new equipment
  • Reconfiguration of preexisting equipment
  • Setting of new equipment
  • Installation of new subfloor
  • Running of PEX tubing
  • Controls
  • System configuration
  • Start-up specialist technician
  • Final training with customer
This project presented several challenges which, through perseverance and determination, we were able to overcome. We were asked to invent, design, and implement the perfect snow melt system for this customer when a project of this nature had not been done before. This forced us to stay on track and ensure we delivered, as expected, every step of the way. We were successful in delivering an exceptional snow melting solution capable of keeping the paddle courts dry at the lowest possible cost of operation. The additional revenue generated from Green Acres' unique ability to offer yearround play to new and existing members will result in a system that pays for itself. To cap the project off, we included an expert service package to keep these boilers running, without fail, for many years to come.


At Paragon Mechanical, we believe it to be of the utmost importance to recognize those who have the most influence on our team's success. The support we receive from the partner companies we work with each day is second to only the effort we receive from our own dedicated technicians and employees.

We truly value the support of all our partners. To show our appreciation, we regularly take the time to highlight a recent commercial project and recognize a specific partner who played an integral role in the success of that project. The companies we highlight are always a company we are proud to recommend to our loyal customers and various partners.

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