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Coolers are your small refrigerator units that keep products cool typically manufacturer of these products are TRUE, Traulsen and Artci Air.  There are many brand and through our extensive tech training program we are confident that we can quickly and efficiently service all brands of cooler unit that are vital to the everyday operations of you kitchen.. 

Walk-in Cooler

Your walk-in refrigeration is probably the most important machine for any commercial kitchen without this product your food will spoil and you can not run your business.  We have the ability to keep you running, fix a broken walk-in quickly and design an energy efficient system that is right for you.  Design, repair or regular maintenance we have the experience to keep you running smoothly and efficiently. 


Your freezer unit similar to the cooler are a very important part running a good kitchen and we have the technician available to fix, repair or simply maintain your freezer units today. 

Walk-on Freezers

In any commercial kitchen your walk-in freezer is the most critical for tomorrows smooth operation. Also this machine is typically the largest energy consumer of any other product in the kitchen we at Paragon mechanical, Inc are aware not only of the importance of this product but also have the knowledge to make this machine runs efficiently and smoothly.