Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Humidity Conrol

The humidity in your home can be a very important aspect of comfort for any living space.  A well designed system should be able to maintain humidity in a home between 20% and 45% all year round.  The following are the three different kinds of humidifiers available for residential applications;

By-Pass Humidifier which supply's humidity by passing hot air from the supply of your furnace through a wet pad and back into the return duct of the furnace.   This type of humidity is most common in homes smaller then 2,500ft squared.  This is also your most inexpensive type of humidifier but will require a humidifier pad every season estimated cost for pad is $35

Power Humidifier supply's humidity to a home by using a humidifier that has it's own fan which forces air across a wet pad and into the supply air for a home.  This product is most common in homes which have zoning and or are larger then 2,500ft squared.  This type of humidifier also has a pad that need sot be replaced every season and cost approximately $35.

Steam Humidifier supply's humidity to a home using a unit that generates steam and injects it into a supply air to provide the highest level of humidity all season long.  This type of humidifier will provide the most humidity all season long but will also come with the highest cost of operation and maintenance.  Typically the only viable products to be used for steam are ones that have a replaceable canister which has an annual replacement cost of approximately $250 for the canister.   This is the only type of humidifier that will keep a home at 45% all seasons long.  

Air Filtration

Air filtration is a part of every forced air system and is also the most vital in cleaning the air we breath.  Contact us today to see what air filter product is right for you from a 1" filter to a 5" media to your highend multi purpose filtration systems that provide media cleaning and hepa cleaning all in one. 

Air Sanitization

Contact us today about products that we can recommend for providing sanitization to the air inside your home or commercial space.

IAQ Control

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a way to improve the air that we breath everyday.  However the control of these products allows these expensive products to be used effectively and efficiently for a long life without replacement.  The control of your system is just as important as the products purchased to be used.  Contact us today to be how we can provide you with easy to use controls that we can monitor 24/7 to ensure you are comfortable all year round.   


Ventilation is required for every living space and some times over looked in a residential dwelling however as homes are becoming more and more efficient through fighting the envelope ventilation for residential homes is becoming more and more noticed for the high efficient residential home.  Seeing that we provide this service commercial buildings we are already experienced and knowledgable in the field of ventilation so call to day to see home we can provide the proper about of ventilation for your home.


Zoning is a product that is great for a large home or a home that has cold rooms int he winter and hot rooms in the summer. This service allows you to take your furnace and utilize it for multiple thermostats throughout the house to provide even and comfortable heating and cooling all season long.  At Paragon Mechanical, Inc we like to think of each other as problem solvers and when it comes to zoning no one does it better.  Call today to see how we can make that room above the garage warm in the winter or just simply make the upstairs of your home sleep able during those hot humid summer days..