Domestic Hot Water

The domestic hot water for your home or business is the single most important mechanical device in your home or business.  It is possible to go without heating or cooling for a given period of time but you can not go with hot water for any period of time and we understand this.  Paragon Mechanical has been and always will be built with superior service in mind for our customers.  We understand that regardless if you are a high profile restaurant, a nursing home or a single family residence if the hot water is not working it needs to be addressed now.  Our service technicians know this as well as our certified installers.  We bring solutions not excuses..

It is for this reason that no short cuts should be considered on any installation.  We are in the business of doing a job right the first time and doing it well. 

Feel free to contact Paragon Mechanical, Inc. to get answers to all your hot water needs.  This is intended to be an informative article to help consumers make educated decisions and not a simple advertisement.  Please note that any and all plumbing work performed in IL shall only be done by a registered IL licensed plumbing company.

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This is a picture of a large tankless system for a home and a large tankless system for a fittness center This is a pciture for the submenu of tankless heaters

Tankless Hot Water Heaters Service and Installation

Tankless water heaters are a style of water heaters that provide hot water for a residential home or large commercial facility all on demand. One of the major benefit to a tankless system is that it will provide endless hot water for a facility or home endlessly all on demand.  This means that for the fitness center with 30 showers and almost a 1,000 gallons of reheated water and a 1 million Btu/hr burner that heats the water constantly a tankless system  can provide the same in fact more hot water without having to reheat water and whats even more do it all on demand.  For the car wash that uses hot water they can have a tankless system installed and only pay for hot water which is directly associated to the person washing the car.  Or for a home that wants to be more energy efficient, save space and still have endless hot water a tankless system is perfect.

The principle of a tankless heater is simple it basically heats cold water up to your desired temperature as the water goes through it.  When installed properly and maintained regularly as needed a tankless system should last twice as long as a conventional tank type system.  To see some of the tankless heater view the product rating page and learn more about the products. 

"The Paragon Mechanical, Inc. Difference"

Our technicians and installers have been installing tankless heaters for as long as the major manufacturers have been selling the products in this area.  We understand that this is high end product and is deserving of a higher level of installers and service experts we feel we deliver this on every service call and or installation. Our reputation speaks for itself contact the major manufacturers of tankless heaters and see what they say.  Ask Noritz America why Paragon Mechanical, Inc is a Platinum installer and service technicians I am sure you will be happy with what you here.  Contact the major manufactures like A.O. Smith and State they will say the same thing about Paragon Mechanical, Inc and our ability to exceed our customers expectations through superior service and craftsmanship.  

Some things are provide as a tankless expert

Trained Service Technicians that Can fix your problems without excuses

Same Day Installation Available

Experience in Commercial and Residential Installation and Service 

Conventional Tanks

This is a pciture for the submenu of tankless heaters

Conventional Tank Type Water Heaters Service and Installation

In the United States this is the most common type of water heater found inside a residential home.  This style provides hot water for a home by reheating a tank of water constantly waiting for it to be used by the shower or any hot water faucet.  These come in many sizes and various Btu/Hr capacities.  As you get to the larger sizes the “Tankless” becomes more and more cost effective. 

Indirect Tanks

Indirect Tank Type Water Heaters Service and Installation

This is a product which utilizes a boiler for producing hot water and is found primarily on commercial applications and homes where a boiler exists for the heating if the home.  The indirect tank acts like a zone for the boiler and when the tank in the tank falls below set point the boiler turns on and provides heat to the indirect tank warming it up. Click on this link to see an example of an indirect system dedicated for a commercial condo building.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Water Heaters Service and Installation

Solar thermal is a type of way to provide domestic hot water and some low temp heating.  This type of system utilizes solar thermal panels sized for the load, some indirect tanks and controls to take full advantage of the sun in providing domestic hot water or heating for a space.