In the HVACR industry this is referred to as comfort cooling as to not be confused with refrigeration.  Comfort cooling is providing the right balance of temperature reduction and humidity removal so to make a person feel comfortable inside the cooled environment.  Too much capacity in the cooling system like a 4 ton unit inside a 1,500 square foot home will certainly bring the temperature down but not remove the humidity leaving the people inside feeling uncomfortable.  Comfort cooling is a balance of the properly sized equipment and installed and calibrated for the environment which it is cooling. 

Three things to consider

1) The correct sized equipment

As with heating but more importantly on the cooling side the load of the space is the first and most important thing to consider for comfort cooling.  The load is the required size of the equipment needed based                             on the home and the outdoor conditions.  The correct size equipment is very important in providing comfort cooling inside a home or office space.

2) Equipment

Once you know the size requirements we have to pick the equipment which matches this size and the customer’s needs.  This is very important because not all equipment is created equally and so the customer’s needs and the required size needs to be considered when selecting a specific brand and model to do the cooling.   The three things to know in selecting cooling equipment for this market are;

Efficiency: This is measured in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and is listed for all pieces of cooling equipment.  In the Chicagoland market place we typically do not have enough cooling days to get less than a 3 year ROI on anything that is higher then 16 SEER.  However on the other hand when ROI is NOT the deciding factor the higher efficient cooling units provide added benefits such as; low noise rating and multi staging for added dehumidification control.

Noise: No matter the application commercial chiller or residential condenser noise plays an important roll in the choice of product we choose.  All the cooling products expect ground water systems have to reject the heat to the outside and so that means the equipment will be making noise outside.  All the equipment lines have options for quiet operation either by way of better equipment or added features.  Either way when selecting a product remember noise is a factor that effects not only you but also your neighbors.   

Dehumidification: When financially feasible choosing a product which allows for staging can provide a superior level of comfort cooling because it will also act as a dehumidifier.  Consider staging or even modulation when financially feasible to get the ultimate in comfort cooling..

 3) Installation Company

Now you have the correct size and you have decided which product you are going to have installed.  It is time to make the hard choice and that is who is going to install.  Which company do you choose?  The following are the main reasons why you should choose Paragon Mechanical, Inc. for your comfort cooling installers and service technicians

Education: Simply put all employees and owners of Paragon Mechanical, Inc. are continuously educated to ensure we are on the cutting edge and front line of today’s fast moving technology.  This is the cornerstone of this business because if we are constantly educating ourselves than we are constantly growing and in turn we are standing true to the company goal of providing great service to all of our customers.  At our main office located in Arlington Heights we have all working displays and a breakdown tech center. Through these two tools and many more we are constantly learning the new products and systems within the industry.  The technicians and installers are required to have minimum 10 continuing education credits per month.

Pride: At Paragon Mechanical, Inc we all take pride and are grateful for the work we are doing.  From the 100 ton chiller for the nursing home down the block to the neighbors 3 ton condensing unit we take pride in our work and make sure that our work shows just that.   We are grateful to be working so you can rest assured that when a tech from Paragon Mechanical, Inc walks into your place of business or your home we will not leave until the job is done and the work area is spotless.  The only evidence that we have been there will be the outstanding craftsmanship in the work we did.

Provide Each and Every Customer with a great experience: At Paragon Mechanical, Inc. our formula for success is very simply “Provide a good experience for the customers”.  It begins with the person answering the phone and should carry all the way down the line.  Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and we mean it. 

In summary when choosing an installer and or service technician you should choose Paragon Mechanical, Inc because we are ready for the work and we will work hard for our customers.  Let us earn your business!!

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Conventional Forced Air

Conventional Forced Air Cooling System

If you are looking to have cooling installed in your home or office this is by far can be the best system for complete indoor comfort.  With a well balance and properly installed duct system a conventional forced air will always deliver the best performance compared to any other cooling system.  However if space is not something that can be lost then consider a mini split system. 

A conventional forced air cooling system is the most common type of cooling found in residential and light commercial buildings.  It consists of a furnace and or air handler, A-coil and condensing unit.  Providing cooling for a home or office space is simply but to make sure it is operating efficiently and with a long life span this is where our training and expertise really show.   It is imperative that for a properly well balance system all three components of the system are matched properly and without compromise.   At Paragon Mechanical, Inc all the service technicians and installer understand the proper way to charge a system not only to the customers benefit but also to help benefit the environment.  We certainly raise the bar with our standards and our customers reap the benefits.  If you’re looking for a quick fix for your cooling or looking at getting a replacement we will give you value and great service every time. 


Mini Split Systems

Mini-Split Cooling System

If living space is confined and or the home or office is completed finished then perhaps a mini-split cooling system is the best answer for comfort cooling.  This is a very good system that provides cooling without having to have a network of metal duct work installed.

High Velocity Cooling

High Velocity Cooling System

This is a system that is very cost effective for retro fitting a cooling system into a home.  This type of system uses a network of small diameter supply duct and a conventional return duct to provide cooling to a home.