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Tankless, Solar Heating, Radiant and HVAC Installation Services

What comes first the chicken or the egg?  Well at Paragon mechanical we believe it is the egg.  Being a great service provider for the system’s we install comes first.  Prior to installing any product it undergoes a rigorous inspection by the owners, installers and technicians of paragon mechanical trying to determine if this is a product they would install in there own homes.  Then we begin the learning process which includes the following; inventory of parts and equipment, regular scheduled trainings for the equipment and training exercises on units in our shop and showroom.  Service classes where as the technician is actually working on the equipment fixing make shift problems.  In our main office in Arlington Heights we have an area dedicated for teaching and learning about new products such as tankless water heaters, cutting edge high efficient furnaces and staged cooling equipment to provide maximum comfort.  Seeing that the tankless water heating division of the industry is the fastest growing sector of the industry we dedicate a lot of time towards learning and teaching ourselves about all the various system. 

As a mechanical contractor our job begins before we even step foot in your house, office or industry work area.  Our job starts with knowing the products and understanding the benefits and drawback to the multitude of products available in the market place.  Our goal for service is for the technician to be familiar with all the products and have enough training to quickly diagnose and repair the problem to get the customer back to or better then normal operation.  Our goal in providing installation services is the following;

Know what the customer needs are for the project. Example; what size tankless heater for the home is needed or what size cooling system should be installed for the apartment complex etc..)

  • Examine the site conditions and apply the best product for the conditions. (All products are NOT created equal and it is important to choose the correct product for the application.)
  • Provide top level quality installation crews that are experts with the chosen products and type of project. (All crews are employees of Paragon Mechanical and therefore are accountable to give our customers a good experience and only the best craftsmanship) 
    • The crews responsibility is to build the project in the best interest of the customer even if that means the job will be a little harder. 
    • The crew is responsible for making sure the jobsite is always clean and neat before, during and especially after the work is complete.
    • The installation crew will explain to the customer the workings of the system installed whether it be a tankless water heater or a high efficient heating and cooling system.  The installer when finished is NOT done until the customer is happy and well informed with the work. 
  • Once all projects are complete one of the Paragon Mechanical, Inc project managers will come back to inspect the work and make sure it is to the Paragon Mechanical, Inc standard and that the customer is happy and well informed about the work that was completed.

 If it is service you need or a complete installation we strive to provide each and every customer with a good experience when dealing with Paragon Mechanical, Inc.  It is our goal on everything that we do to gain 110% of our customers satisfaction.Choose A Service:

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