Energy Saving Services

This service provides our customers with the cooling they need at a reduced cost through technologies such as multi-stage compressors, higher SEER ratings, newer and safer refrigerants, and more.
This service provides our customers with superior comfort and peace of mind while substantially reducing fuel consumption. This is done by utilizing many of today’s technologies such as VFD’s, variable flow gas valves, variable volume air flow and others listed below..
This service provides customers with the convenience of endless hot water while having no storage and doing it in the most energy efficient way possible! Paragon Mechanical has a crew of tankless experts for all applications.
This service allows our customers to sleep easy on hot summer nights and be more comfortable in the basement during cold winter days. This service provides multiple areas of cooling and heating controls from a single system in your home or office. A great solution for any multi-level home!
This service is great for all building owners looking to gain the highest level of comfort and efficiency. This service provides individual heating to selected areas from a single boiler. Home owners are more comfortable and building owners use less gas by only heating what is needed.
We offer boiler / HVAC controls services that provide energy savings to any commercial building through innovative control technology. We provide the simplest of controls such as boiler reset to more complex building HVAC automation control packages.
Paragon Mechanical provides a cost effective geothermal system for horizontal, vertical, RX and DX types. Come and check out our geothermal system now in operation for the heating and cooling of our 5,400ft Arlington Heights showroom! Visit us at 11 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Arlington Heights, IL.
Paragon Mechanical is a leader in the solar thermal Industry not by mere knowledge or determination, but because of completed projects! Through the use of the sun we can provide heating and domestic hot water. Paragon Mechanical has a team of engineers and experienced installers ready to design and build your solar project from conception to completion!
Paragon Mechanical’s energy audit services are completed by our expert mechanical contractors that work with energy consuming products everyday! We are sure to identify any problems and provide cost saving solutions. Try our services and see why we offer a money back guarantee!
At Paragon Mechanical we pride ourselves on the service we give to each and every customer as well as our precisionvtune-ups (safety checks) which reflect our quality and expertise. We only send out top level technicians to come into your home or business to perform the routine maintenance needed. We want to make sure that your HVAC system is running safely and efficiently. Ask about the Paragon Mechanical preferred customer program for more information.